Clear Skin Project | Recipe Guide & Meal Plan




Regain control of your skin, diet and body with glowing confidence, inside and out.


  • Step-By-Step Clear Skin Project Success System
  • The Top Best and Worst Foods For Acne
  • 14 Day Clear Skin Meal Plan
  • Downloadable Shopping List
  • Holistic Lifestyle Advice
  • Step-By-Step Skin Care Advice
  • Natural DIY Remedies For Acne
  • Supplements and Vitamins For Skin
  • FREE Private Email Support
  • Lifetime Access to Our Clear Skin Support Forum!

What Do You Know About Acne?

Did you know that acne is just a gland, with a hair follicle that has become inflamed?

That’s right! Acne is a skin disease that appears when your glands secrete extra oil, which block the skin pores containing a hair follicle. When your pores become blocked, it traps the dead skin cells inside it, which causes bacteria to grow and create infection AKA a pimple!

Why Is It So Hard To Get Rid Of Acne?

Acne affects everyone very differently. We can often see some people get great results from one treatment program, but others don’t. This is because a lot of remedies don’t consider the whole truth, they only target the symptoms on the outside and not the causes which are on the inside. I offer a complete solution to clear skin confidence because I know, nothing is more upsetting than thinking you have it under control, when you don’t.


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