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  • The Ultimate Guide To Acne Face Mapping: What’s Your Skin Trying To Tell You?

    Acne Face Mapping

    “Face mapping” is an ancient Ayurvedic practice that connects a point on your face to an organ so you know what to focus on healing internally to clear your skin for life.

    There are 9 key areas that breakouts occur and here is what they mean:


    • Digestive problems
    • Liver issues
    • Stress
    • Irregular sleep
    • Poor diet

    TIPS: Drink more water to ensure you are flushing toxins from your body, take 15 minutes every day to meditate and become present to reduce stress levels, ensure you are in bed by 10pm and practice healthy sleep habits.


    • Poor circulation
    • Gallbladder problems
    • Diet too high in fat
    • Processed foods
    • Alcohol

    TIPS: Keep alcoholic beverages to a minimum, avoid deep fried and oily foods, get active for 15 minutes everyday – even if it’s just a brisk walk!


    • Poor diet
    • Constipation
    • Bloating
    • Indigestion
    • Poor blood circulation

    TIPS: Eat more fruit and vegetables, get active for 15 minutes every day, consider taking a Triphala supplement to keep you regular. My favourite is Banyan Botanicals.


    • Kidneys

    TIPS: Book an acupuncture session and ask your Doctor to focus on points that balance the kidneys, drink more water (you should be aiming for 2-3L per day) and avoid alcohol or smoking.


    • Lungs
    • Liver issues
    • Stress
    • Over eating
    • Stomach
    • Dirty mobile phone/cell phone

    TIPS: Keep your mobile/cell phone clean with a baby or alcohol wipe, avoid processed foods, monitor portion sizes and drink lots of water to ensure you are flushing toxins from your body.


    • Constipation
    • Spicy foods
    • Synthetic toothpastes

    TIPS: Avoid spicy foods, use a natural toothpaste and resist the urge to squeeze pimples on your lip line!


    • Hormonal problems
    • Gynaecological issues
    • Kidney imbalances

    TIPS: Take a Vitex supplement (women only) to assist with reproductive organ health and ensure you are eating healthy and balanced macro meals.


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  • Clear Skin Icy Poles & Smoothie Pops | Recipe Guide

    Refresh your body and brighten your skin with these delicious icy pole and smoothie pop treats!


    • Learn how to make the best healthy icy poles and smoothie pops
    • Discover techniques for making your pops look as fun as they taste
    • 20 delicious and healthy recipes to enjoy all year round!

    How Will Icy Poles and Smoothie Pops Help To Clear Skin?

    Stop reaching for chocolate or traditional ice-creams and opt for a delicious and healthy icy treat instead!

    This innovative recipe eBook gives the smoothie pop a boost of flavour and skin clearing goodness in every bite!

    Discover these healthy popsicles recipes that will give you a refreshing and tasty treat without the guilt! These recipes boast energy-boosting ingredients, skin clearing goodness and a delicious recipe to suit every taste.

    Learn the fancy techniques on how to make your smoothie pops look as fun as they taste! 


  • Clear Skin Juicing | Recipe Guide


    Detoxify your body and purify your skin with these delicious juices and smoothies!


    • Learn how juice can nourish your skin with nutrients
    • Discover the best techniques for juicing and how to get started
    • Learn how to create the best smoothies from simple ingredients
    • 10 delicious juice recipes using fruit and veggies
    • 10 unique smoothie recipes packed with clear skin goodness

    How Will Juices & Smoothies Help To Clear My Skin?

    Did you know that juice can play a huge role in clearing your skin and keeping it acne free?

    Juice, both from fruits and vegetables are filled with all types of bacteria blasting elements. The juice recipes in my ebook pick and choose the right fruits and vegetables you need, and pair them together in a delicious medley. Inside you will find juice to fight inflammation, and completely detox your skin with antioxidants and natural astringents found naturally in food. 

    Why Is Juicing Important For Curing And Preventing Acne?

    Not only does juice help to detox your skin from the inside out, it also aids in the overall repair of your cells. The juice recipes inside create the perfect dynamic to aide in building and repairing the collagen in your skin, to reduce acne scarring, improve circulation, and speed up your healing.

    Recipes For Clear Skin! Discover how to clear your skin using fruits and vegetables, and which are the best for an acne free complexion. Learn how to start juicing, and making delicious smoothies with simple ingredients. With 20 different recipes, you will find out how to make the right drink for your skin. I have also included tips on juicing techniques, and clear skin tricks to increase your results!


  • Clear Skin Face Masks | Recipe Guide


    Clear Your Skin Using 100% Natural Ingredients


    • Learn the 4 basic steps to skincare 101
    • See how to prevent breakouts in 5 steps
    • Get 10 recipes for the best acne clearing face masks
    • Simple step-by-step instructions using everyday ingredients

    Why Will Face Masks Improve Acne?

    The secret is in an all natural approach. When acne appears, most people tend to grab the nearest chemical packed ointment, or harsh scrub. This can make your breakouts even worse, cause excessive drying, or even permanent scarring! With natural remedies you not only gently treat the skin, but also learn about what it reacts best to. 

    How Do Different Masks Treat Acne?

    The most common reason for acne is an increase in oil production, or sebum, due to overactive hormones, but the problem is, we all have different skin types. Using all-natural ingredients is the best way to ensure you treat the skin effectively as well as safely, and to avoid damage from chemical based products. With my 10 different recipes, you can use the right mask for treatment and prevention!

    Feed your skin with 100% Natural face masks 

    First learn the basics of skincare 101, with tips on how to properly wash, and care for your face. I also share my top 5 rules to clear skin, and how to keep it glowing! Throughout the 30 page book you will also find 10 recipes for my all time favorite 100% natural face masks. Learn which ones to use to treat what, and how the properties of certain plants and fruits help clear your skin gently and safely. I also include my secret way to spot treat pimples using a special recipe from a very common ingredient!


  • Clear Skin Project | Recipe Guide & Meal Plan

    Regain control of your skin, diet and body with glowing confidence, inside and out.


    • Step-By-Step Clear Skin Project Success System
    • The Top Best and Worst Foods For Acne
    • 14 Day Clear Skin Meal Plan
    • Downloadable Shopping List
    • Holistic Lifestyle Advice
    • Step-By-Step Skin Care Advice
    • Natural DIY Remedies For Acne
    • Supplements and Vitamins For Skin
    • FREE Private Email Support
    • Lifetime Access to Our Clear Skin Support Forum!

    What Do You Know About Acne?

    Did you know that acne is just a gland, with a hair follicle that has become inflamed?

    That’s right! Acne is a skin disease that appears when your glands secrete extra oil, which block the skin pores containing a hair follicle. When your pores become blocked, it traps the dead skin cells inside it, which causes bacteria to grow and create infection AKA a pimple!

    Why Is It So Hard To Get Rid Of Acne?

    Acne affects everyone very differently. We can often see some people get great results from one treatment program, but others don’t. This is because a lot of remedies don’t consider the whole truth, they only target the symptoms on the outside and not the causes which are on the inside. I offer a complete solution to clear skin confidence because I know, nothing is more upsetting than thinking you have it under control, when you don’t.


  • About

    Hi, I’m Olivia!

    My blogging journey began in March 2014 when I launched Clear Skin Project – a step-by-step guide to clearing your skin naturally in 30 days or less.

    At the time, I couldn’t think of anything more TERRIFYING than showing my before photos of my skin to the world, but did so anyway despite my fears because helping others to regain control of their skin and be confident again was such a huge passion of mine.

    Clear Skin Project allowed me to build and engage a 100,000+ community of amazing women who were suffering from skin problems and seeking a natural cure for acne.

    The program helped to clear countless faces from acne and deliver a new-found confidence to my clients & the success was something I still pinch myself about, however, after a challenging time in this thing they call life, my life took a turn.


    In early 2015, I moved to the country (population 1000!) to be with my now partner who lived in a small town in South Australia.

    While I was there I managed my blog but also put a lot of focus into healing, growing & learning to enjoy the simpler things in life. To say it was an AMAZING experience & some of the happiest moments of my life, puts it lightly.

    After we enjoyed a year out in the country, we decided to move back to the city and I commenced my Masters in Business Administration (Marketing). I’ve been obsessed with all things business for as long as I can remember; you could say it’s part of my DNA. It was then that I took a break from blogging about skin & beauty and really put a lot of focus on my career.

    horse riding at the beach on the weekends!

    the amazing brand i now work for!

    Shortly after we moved back to the city, my dream role landed on my doorstep with a global beauty brand and I jumped on board as their General Manager in mid-2016. My day-to-day life included developing strategic marketing plans, spearheading global marketing campaigns and launching exciting new products to the market.

    Before long, I found out I was pregnant with a beautiful little boy due in mid-2017. I was BEYOND excited but very unsure on how I would transition from being a business & career driven woman to a mum. Around 8 months later (and an extra 20kg on board), we welcomed a beautiful baby boy; Henry George. I absolutely LOVED being a new mum and it came as second nature to me to make this little man the centre of our universe.

    It was around 12 weeks after Henry’s birth that I began to wonder why I couldn’t drop the baby weight & still looked a little pregnant?

    Funnily enough, it’s because I was – with baby #2! I didn’t let anything slow me down & as some might say, no rest for the wicked; I was back at work when Henry was four months old, balancing the demands of my career, my life as a new mum & my second round of pregnancy.

    Around 6 months later (thankfully only an extra 6kg this time), we welcomed ANOTHER beautiful baby boy; Archer George. Who has become one of our biggest blessings!

    It really hit me after having Archer that my world had undoubtedly changed so much.

    My perfect running schedule, raging social life and busy study demands were going to be a thing of the past. This new chapter of parenthood demanded a different approach. It’s about balancing your career with your babies, living the best life you possibly can and not letting go of your vision just because you’re a mum!

    My mission is to help empower, inspire and motivate you to be the best version of yourself and live out your wildest dreams while balancing business + babies. 

    After a challenging five years, I’m proud to say 2018 has been the BEST year yet – never have I felt so complete and full of love. My space feels more authentic and like ME than ever before. I’m passionate, confident and calm. I’ve stepped into a new space – and I’d love to help and inspire you to feel this way too.

    Olivia x

    P.S If you’re interested in reading some of my older clear skin posts – you’ll find them on my blog under BEAUTY.