Detox Retreat
Holidays. They’re one of those things that you always think about doing, but never get the time to do. There’s never a “right time” for a holiday because life goes on and there’s always something to catch up on when you’re home.

Truth be told, we need rest. It’s important to give your body time to recover and heal in order to de-stress and detox the body. Rest and recovery also play a vital role in keeping your skin clean and clear.

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The Organic Eco Village

My choice of paradise was Desa Seni Resort located in the beautiful Canggu, Bali. From the moment you arrive, you will be inspired to live a healthier life. Think organic vegetables, perfectly manicured gardens and a custom detox menu. The grounds and menu however, were just the beginning.

Desa Seni Health Resort is located just 15 minutes away from Seminyak offering a true cultural experience. The resort is organic, eco-green, and offers some traditional Balinese healing treatments.

The Detox Program

Desa Seni invites you to choose between multiple detox packages including intermittent fasting, rebalancing the self and detoxification. My choice was the 8-night detox package.

My package included:

  • Custom detox menu made with organic vegetables (breakfast, lunch, dinner and two snacks)
  • Daily yoga (sometimes twice daily!)
  • Daily acupuncture with the amazing Dr. Thomas Sladek (highlight of my trip)
  • 2 Chinese cupping treatments
  • Daily Chinese detoxifying herbs
  • 1 Reflexology Treatment
  • 1 Desa Seni Massage
  • 1 Salt Scrub

My Experience at Desa Seni: Life Changing

 They say you get worse before you get better and I definitely agree with this. The first few days of the detox, I was incredibly grumpy and emotional. I chose to stay on the resort and completely commit myself to the detox so I could experience the best results.

By doing this, I stuck to the diet 100% and did not have any distractions or comfort food. This was probably the thing I noticed the most. When you take the comforts and crutches away, you really can focus on healing yourself.

The daily Yoga was fantastic. It encourages you to still the mind, let go of things that have happened in the past and strengthen your body. I think it’s a perfect type of exercise to combine with this type of healing program as it’s not overly strenuous on the body while it is trying to heal.

I literally felt as though all the toxins in my body were coming to the surface in the first few days of the program. By the fifth day, I started to feel incredible. I had more energy, I felt lighter, could think clearer and my skin was looking amazing.

The daily acupuncture treatments were my favourite part of the detox. The knowledge that Dr Thomas Sladek has on the body is fantastic. I asked lots of questions during my treatment and we discovered a weakness in my body that I am now working on improving here in Australia.


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Information on Desa Seni

If you are interested in visiting Desa Seni on a package please visit for more info.

I chose this resort based on my own personal research and was not paid to write this review. This is based on my own personal experience and I will only ever recommend products and services that I truly believe in.

Olivia x

Olivia Jenkins