How To Apply Concealer Correctly
Concealer should be one holy grail product in every woman’s beauty bag – especially if you suffer from acne and breakouts. Used correctly, concealer can cover up blemishes, under eye circles and any other beauty imperfections.

It’s easy to be daunted by the idea of using concealer. Especially when there are so many shades and types to choose from. Once you learn the basics and how to apply, it’s the best beauty investment you will ever make.

Concealer is the perfect product to compliment your makeup regime as it means you don’t have to over-apply your base or foundation. You can be quite light on your base and then cover blemishes as you need to with concealer. This is really important because you don’t want to suffocate your skin with a heavy  base or thick foundation – it can actually make your skin worse!

How to Apply Concealer

Before you apply concealer, ensure that you have cleansed, moisturised and applied eye cream. This will guarantee that your concealer looks smooth, natural and blends easily.

1. Apply several dots.  Applying concealer is very similar to applying eye cream. You want to apply several dots of concealer under the eyes but this time you want to apply close to the lashes and inside corners of the eyes.

2. Tap in the product. Gently tap in the product using your ring fingers. Always tap, don’t rub. Gently blend out.

3. Apply concealer to blemishes. Go ahead and apply a dot of concealer to any blemishes or imperfections that require some extra coverage. It may be uneven patches or redness you are covering, not necessarily blemishes.

4. Apply a second layer. Apply a second layer, ONLY if you need more coverage.

5. Set with powder. Once you have finished your application steps, you will need to set the concealer with a high quality setting powder. You can either use translucent setting powder or some mineral makeup powder. The key is in the brush so make sure you are armed with a high quality powder brush. I like the VANI-T vegan brushes.

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Olivia Jenkins