Does Wearing Makeup To The Gym Make You Break Out
We all know that wearing makeup to the gym is bad for our skin, so why do we still wear full faces of makeup while exercising? While a lot of us are time poor and are often exercising during a lunch break at work, others lack confidence in being el natural while out and about exercising. I get it, it’s a vulnerable feeling.

This is one of the most common skincare related questions I am asked. Can I wear makeup to the gym or while exercising?

The short answer, is no.

When we exercise, our bodies start to release sweat making our pores relax and enlarge. If you’re wearing makeup, you’ll expect to see that not-so-gorgeous streaky foundation look on your face. It’s also increasing the chance of you breaking out.

Your skin needs to breathe while you’re exercising, even if you’re only going for a power walk and you’re only working up a “little” sweat. Sweat + heat + open pores = blocked pores. Not everyone will experience breakouts however you may notice other skin concerns like blackheads and dull skin.

So how exactly should you prepare your skin for a workout?

Follow my pre-workout skincare routine below for clear, glowing skin all year round:

1. Lightly cleanse your skin with a gentle, natural facial cleanser.

2. Gently pat dry the skin, leaving slightly damp.

3. Apply a small amount of your daily moisturiser and massage gently into the skin. If it’s during the day and you are going out in the sunshine, be sure to apply a moisturiser with built in sun protection.

If you’re going straight to the gym after work, pack some facial cleansing wipes in your gym bag. It’s quick and simple to remove your makeup on the go and you’ll more than likely need this if you’re short on time!

“But what if I can’t go without makeup?”

Okay, okay. For those of you who feel you MUST wear makeup during your work out, I understand. In this case, it’s best to use a light, tinted moisturiser that’s not as heavy as a normal foundation and definitely do not use a pressed powder of the top. The idea is to let the skin BREATHE.

Once you are finished your workout, cleanse your skin as soon as possible. It’s best to cleanse before your skin cools down and your pores tighten again trapping everything inside! All that makeup and sweat combining together is a true enemy of a clear complexion.

Still not sure how to clear your skin? Write to me and I can help you. [email protected] or comment below. I’d love to hear from you.

Let me know how you go with these skincare tips and if you notice a difference in your post-workout breakouts!

Olivia x

Olivia Jenkins