Hello, my name is Olivia Jenkins, and I created the Clear Skin Project in 2013 as a lifetime solution for those who suffer from the insecurities of problematic skin. I am a Certified Nutritionist, Health Coach and Passionate Skin Expert. I haven’t always been as health focused and in-tune with my body though. In fact, I was quite the opposite.

You’re probably wondering just what is behind Clear Skin Project. Well, let me give you a brief introduction of myself and let you understand how grateful I feel to be able to educate you on what acne is, what causes acne and how to treat it.. as nature intended. I created this revolutionary treatment plan for one, very simple reason – to share with others how I overcame acne. I struggled for years with breakouts that are probably very similar to the ones you are experiencing.

I understand how you feel.

Before my transformation, I used to overindulge in unhealthy foods and partying, and did very little exercise. This type of treatment to my body translated into severe acne, low self-esteem, and general poor health. The problem was, I had no idea that my lifestyle was a huge factor in the way my skin looked, and for the way I felt.

I suffered with bad skin for more than 5 years before finally discovering how to get clear skin. I saw numerous doctors, but every one of them prescribed me with a band aid solution – low dose antibiotic. Meanwhile, my breakouts were continuing to worsen. I didn’t want to leave the house and on my way home from work, I would pull over so I could re-apply my makeup before I came home to my partner.

Then I decided enough was enough.

After having acne for 5 years, and paying a fortune to try endless creams, cleansers, and pills, I found nothing worked. Frustrated, I decided to take a new approach, by focusing on my day-to-day living. I knew that the only way to rid myself of acne forever was to approach the issue holistically. During the process, I fell in love with researching and applying natural approaches to acne, and decided to become a certified nutritionist and health coach.

I mapped out a lifestyle change, starting from the inside out, and began my journey. 30 days into using my new regime, I found my skin radiating in complete acne free clarity. I couldn’t believe that my simple steps were what ended up working, after countless attempts at pricey, doctor recommended products. It became clear that I needed to share this method with others who also suffer from problematic skin, and it was then that Clear Skin Project was born.

I’m now acne-free and have regained my confidence!

After my own Clear Skin journey, I have become happy, confident, and grateful for what life has given me. The happiness I feel every day is a reflection of my own journey, and I am confident that you will find the same results.

You too can have clear skin by following my simple guidelines as set out in Clear Skin Project. I will share with you the secrets to curing your acne for good using the exact steps I used.

“Remember – clear skin starts from within, so let’s get started!”

Olivia x