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Here’s the thing: I don’t wash my face with a cleanser anymore. I mean yes, I use water on it daily if I’m wearing foundation or makeup. But soap or facial cleansers? No way.

Read on to find out why the BEST beauty trick is NOT washing your face.

1. Over washing your face can cause more breakouts

To be honest, I’ve always believed that over cleansing the skin was a bad idea. This is mainly because you can do more damage by trying to scrub your face clean with harsh cleansers and soaps. The result is more breakouts for your skin and less confidence.

2. Cleansers may contain harmful chemical ingredients

To this day, I still avoid most cleansers as many contain harsh foaming agents like Sodium Laureth Sulfate and Sodium Lauryl Sulfate. Not only are these ingredients toxic for the skin, but they can also result in dryness and skin irritation.

3. Rinsing results in a clearer complexion

The good news is, there is growing evidence that women say their complexions are clearer when they simply rinse instead of cleanse. This is most likely because we are trained to over-wash our skin and strip it of precious natural oils that form a protective barrier. The solution: throw out your chemical based cleanser and your skin will love you for it!

4. Over washing your face can make your skin more oily

That’s right. Sounds odd doesn’t it? Truth be told, over cleansing your skin can have the reverse effect on oil production. Harshly stripping the natural oils from your skin can cause an imbalance. After harsh soaps strip all the precious oils, the skins response is to over compensate and create MORE oil. The result – oilier skin and more breakouts.

5. Over washing your face can result in premature ageing

Oil helps to keep our skin nourished and protected. It makes sense that if you remove all of the skins natural oils, you would be more likely to be prone to premature ageing right? It can also disrupt the skin’s delicate barrier causing accelerated skin ageing.

The solution: a magical face cloth

That’s where the magical face cloth comes in. Simply wet, wring out and this magical face cloth will remove all traces of dirt, impurities and makeup – without the need for any cleanser!

That’s right. You don’t need to use any facial cleanser, facial wipe or makeup remover to remove all traces of makeup. This magical cloth does all the work for you.

When you’re finished, simply wash in the hand basin and hang out to dry. Every few days, you can pop into the washing machine to keep it super fresh. The best news – it lasts for over 200 washes!

To be honest, I was SUPER skeptical about this particular product as it claimed to be able to remove makeup with no product at all. After using the cloth a few times, I couldn’t believe it had the power to remove all traces of makeup without any product. Let’s just say, I haven’t stopped using it since.

The best part is, it’s machine washable so you can use it over and over again. PLUS, it’s environmentally friendly and you won’t be throwing out packets of makeup remover wipes AND you get a deeper clean.

Have you tried a makeup eraser cloth before? Would love to hear your experiences below.

Olivia x

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Olivia Jenkins