5 Beauty Uses For Coconut Oil
We have all heard about the great health benefits of coconut oil incorporated into your diet. I bet you haven’t thought to use it in your beauty regime though! Coconut oil is so versatile and it is a great cheap, natural alternative to products filled with nasty chemicals that damage your skin.

Cuticle Care

That’s right! You can use coconut oil on dry and flaky fingernails. Massage a small amount onto your nail beds twice daily for strong and healthy nails.

Makeup No More!

Coconut oil is a gentle way to remove makeup from around the eye area. Melt down in your fingers and gently tap around your eye area. Remove with a damp cotton pad.

Baby Lips

Transfer 1 tbsp into an empty lip balm pot or small jar and keep in your handbag. I use it under my lipstick and on tinted moisturiser only days.

Luscious Body Oil

Coconut oil is my go-to body oil. It contains a natural SPF4 sunscreen and keeps my skin hydrated morning and night. I find it’s best applied to clean, damp skin.

No Frizz

I swear by Coconut Oil as a hair serum. I always use a small amount of coconut oil to tame split ends and sleek down any fly-away hairs!




Olivia Jenkins